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Why Carpet Cleaning Matters More During Winter

There’s a common misconception out there that winter isn’t a great time to have your carpets professionally cleaned. That couldn’t be more wrong! In point of fact, it actually matters more to have your carpets professionally cleaned during winter, not less. Here’s why those professional carpet cleaning services make a big difference during winter:

Allergens Abound

Sure, you may think that spring and fall are the biggest times of year for airborne allergies, and you aren’t wrong. Despite that, someone with allergies may continue to feel the pain of seasonal stuffiness well into the winter. The reason this happens is because of something simple: we’re stuck indoors a lot more during the winter months. Throughout spring and fall, the weather is often nice enough to open the windows and get a fresh breeze flowing through the house. During winter, most of us tend to keep our homes sealed shut, meaning that there’s no good way to help clear out stale air and allergens lingering in the house.

Increased Traffic

Thanks to the winter holidays, this is also the time of year that many homes see a sharp upswing in foot traffic through the home. That’s a lot of extra dirt and grime being tracked across your carpets. You may notice that your carpets look dingier and grayer despite more frequent vacuumings because of this. Increased foot traffic means an uptick in gunk getting stuck in the carpet fibers, but it also means more pressure grinding that gunk deep enough that a vacuum is going to struggle to suction it up. The more grime caught in the fibers, the faster your carpet fibers are going to wear out, and the sooner your carpet will need to be replaced.

Soggy Weather

We don’t exactly get a lot of snow here in San Antonio, but that doesn’t mean we’re entirely exempt from winter weather. Those gray, soggy days can leave your carpets looking worse for the wear. Even more importantly, if you’re not keeping up with carpet care, the wet and grime are the perfect breeding ground that allows mildew and mold to grow, which can cause long-term damage and potential breathing issues. It’s especially important to do what you can to minimize the damp that reaches your carpets.

Winter Carpet Cleaning Services

Professional carpet cleaning services do more than just make sure your carpets look nice before a holiday party or winter guests arrive. It’s a great way to clear out allergens and improve the air quality in your home. Professional carpet cleaning is also a great way to help clear out the moisture and the grime, which will help your carpet last longer, not just look better.

There’s no need to wait for spring cleaning to have your carpets professionally cleaned. In fact, depending on your carpet warranty, you may need to call for professional carpet cleaning services seasonally to keep your warranty protection valid. This winter, help your carpets last longer and look better through the holidays. Call Steam Master Cleaning & Restoration today to schedule carpet cleaning services across San Antonio.


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This was the first time I’ve had my carpets professionally cleaned. Fred Martinez did an excellent job. He was very professional, courteous and efficient. I would recommend this company and Fred Martinez to everyone.
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Fred was super pleasant and professional. He thoroughly explained the cleaning process and answered all questions. I’m very happy with the finished product and will definitely be a return customer. Thanks Fred-my carpet looks brand new again..
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