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When Do You Need Commercial Pressure Washing?

In our previous blog post, we looked at the basics for residential pressure washing. We included a brief introduction to pressure washing and what it entails, and then we took a look at some of the specifics of residential pressure washing. In today’s blog, we want to move from residential to commercial cleaning services. 

There is some overlap between residential and commercial pressure washing, of course. But there are also some important considerations that are unique to each. That is what we will be exploring today. Specifically, we will take a look at when commercial pressure washing is needed. And when you’re done learning about our commercial pressure washing, be sure to contact Steam Master Cleaning for all of your commercial cleaning needs in San Antonio!

On that note, let’s explore when it’s best to get commercial pressure washing.

1. What Is Commercial Pressure Washing?

The basic difference between residential and commercial pressure washing is that the former is for homes, while the latter is for businesses. Maybe you own or manage an office building, or perhaps you’re a property owner that someone else’s business is located on. This can include apartment complexes, hotels, HOAs, and other living spaces. These can all count as commercial, and would thus require commercial cleaning services. There are all sorts of areas of a commercial space that would call for pressure washing, including: 

  • Parking lots
  • Garages
  • Driveways/walkways
  • Canopies
  • Store fronts
  • Drive-thrus
  • Dumpster pads
  • Construction clean-up
  • Fleet washing

At Steam Master Cleaning in San Antonio, we understand that these commercial spaces are just as important and valued as residential locations. We know the importance of having clean and beautiful businesses and properties. The next question, then, is how often is commercial power washing called for?

1. On A Regular Basis

The most straightforward answer to when it’s best to get commercial pressure washing is whenever it’s needed. That might not be the most helpful answer out there, though. That’s why we recommend getting pressure washing for your commercial space on a regular basis. You can set aside some of the stress by knowing that your pressure washing will happen on a schedule. You won’t have to worry about forgetting and letting your property go too long without a good cleaning.

Determining the best schedule for your pressure washing can be tricky, especially with the weather here in San Antonio. Ultimately, you will have to ask yourself some questions. How much traffic does your commercial space have? How vulnerable are the spaces to the weather? What is your budget? These are all important considerations for deciding your pressure washing schedule. Keep in mind that there are times when it will be appropriate to get pressure washing in addition to the regularly scheduled washing. These include…

2. Seasonal Changes

Changes in weather patterns are a good time to consider getting pressure washing. Of course, you can incorporate these into your regularly-scheduled pressure washing, but it  can be difficult to know exactly when these seasonal changes will occur. At any rate, you will want to wash away the debris from seasonal changes, as well as the influx of different types of pollen and dust. Similar to seasonal changes, you will want commercial cleaning services…

3. After Major Weather Events

We’re familiar with extreme weather events here in Texas. We know what kind of damage high winds and extreme rain can bring. Not only can these storms cause all sorts of damage, but they also bring with them mud, debris, and all sorts of other messes. There might be no better time for commercial pressure washing than after a nasty storm. Your property and store fronts can be quite a mess afterward, and Steam Master Cleaning is here to help make your commercial space look pristine.

Another instance where you should consider more frequent power washing is when…

4. Located In Industrial Or Construction Areas

Businesses that are located in industrial areas will require more frequent power washings. These areas tend to have high amounts of dust and dirt that are kicked up in the air — meaning your commercial space will get dirtier a whole lot faster. This also holds true for commercial spaces that are located near construction zones. These are often temporary, but while that construction is going, your business might be in dire need of a pressure washing.

Commercial Cleaning Services

These are some of the best times for getting commercial pressure washing from Steam Master Cleaning. Keep in mind that we also offer a variety of other high-quality commercial cleaning services in San Antonio. In addition to commercial pressure washing, we also offer commercial carpet cleaningupholstery cleaningrestroom steam cleaningfloor cleaningair vent cleaning, and so much more. Don’t hesitate to contact Steam Master Cleaning for all of your commercial cleaning services in San Antonio!


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