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What to do With Your Old Carpet

When you come home to a carpet and you can tell where it’s getting the most traffic, you can see the coffee stain from four months ago, and the spilled wine from last Christmas, it means it’s time to make a decision. First, visit our blog “Carpet Cleaning vs. Replacement: Which is Right For You?” If the answer turns out to be carpet cleaning, you know what to do. Give our carpet cleaning service a call for a free estimate and we’ll come give new life to your carpet. But if you’re thinking that you just got your carpet cleaned not long ago and you decide to replace the carpet, another decision arises. What to do with the old carpet?

Carpet Cleaning Services San AntonioSell It

Before you head straight to the dumpster, try to clean it up as much as possible so you can sell it and get some money back! Even if it’s beyond use for a home, plenty of people will have a use for it in their gardens and other DIY or creative projects. The carpet material will stick around for quite a while so if it’s at all possible to sell or reuse it, go that route.

Recycle It

Do some quick searching to see if there is a local organization that recycles old carpet. It can be slightly more complicated, but if you do find a company who will take it, your old carpet can be recycled into roofing shingles, railroad ties, furniture batting. You can even consider contacting Carpet America Recovery Effort to help you find somewhere to recycle the carpet. Many centers will charge you between five and 25 cents a pound to recycle the carpet.

Reuse It

Get creative and try reusing the carpet around the house. There are a surprising number of ways in which you can reuse an old carpet.

  • Throw it in the garden to stop weeds from growing.
  • Use a section of it as a kneeling pad in the garden.
  • Use the carpet as insulation around pipes or dog houses.
  • If some of the carpet is usable, cut it out and create a mat for an entryway.
  • Use small chunks and place them beneath the feet of furniture to prevent scratches on wood floors in the home.
  • Use it to line the inside of a dog’s crate.

Donate It

Get in touch with local charity organizations or animal shelters and ask if they could find a use for your used carpet. Craigslist also has a section for “free” items. List your carpet there and see if you get any bites. This way a buyer would come take it off your hands for you.

Carpet Cleaning Services San Antonio

When it comes time to installing and keeping your new carpet clean and fresh, you know you have a trusted partner with Steam Master Cleaning. Our carpet cleaning service has a reliable team of professional steam cleaning technicians who will do their best to keep your carpet as good as new for as long as possible. A carpet for your home is an investment so it should be treated with care. And that is exactly what we will do. Our carpet cleaning service will treat your carpet like our own. Get in touch today to schedule a free estimate.


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