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Tips To Keep Your Carpet Looking Like New

New carpet offers an improved appearance and comfort for your home. Nothing feels quite as good as walking with bare feet across brand new, clean carpeting. If you have recently invested in new carpeting, you want to keep that carpet looking like new for many years to come. How can you best protect your carpet from dirt, odors, and wear? Read on for some tips from the experts, and reach out anytime to learn more about our professional carpet cleaning services in San Antonio and across the local region.

Protect High Traffic Areas

Depending on how many people and pets live in your home, certain carpeted areas might receive a heavy amount of foot traffic on any given day. Take a look at the patterns of your family members. Does everyone track through the same connecting hallway? Is there a main entryway that family, guests, and pets alike all use? The carpet in these high traffic areas is prone to sustaining damages quickly. Fibers can become crushed and dirt can accumulate rapidly in locations where residents of the home frequent. You can protect the carpet in these locations with decorative throw rugs.

Keep Up With Weekly Cleaning

One of the best ways to keep your carpet looking fresh and feeling soft is to ensure your carpet is as clean as possible. Obviously you cannot avoid all dirt, spills, and dander buildup in your home. However, if you frequently vacuum and dust your home, there is less of a chance of dirt permanently damaging and staining your carpet. It is important to note, dirt is highly abrasive and overtime if a carpet is left dirty, the grime will grind the fibers of your carpet and become cemented into the carpet padding, causing permanent damage.

Leave Your Shoes At The Door

Another easy method you can implement in your home to protect your new carpet is to ask family members and guests to leave their shoes at the door. Wearing shoes in the home quickly batters your carpets fibers. Not only are shoes tougher on carpets than bare or socked feet due to the actual shoe itself, but they are also more damaging because of the dirt and debris you track into the home. If you like wearing shoes in the home, invest in some house shoes or slippers.

Deep Clean With Steam Cleaning

An excellent way to maintain the beauty of your new carpet is to schedule periodic deep cleaning services. Steam cleaning is an outstanding way to rid your carpet of damaging dirt and debris, while also safeguarding against staining and odor intensification. Not only is steam cleaning effective, it is safe for new carpet and will not damage or leave behind unwanted residue. Talk to our professional carpet cleaning team about scheduling steam cleaning services for your new carpeting. We are proud to provide premium carpet cleaning services in San Antonio and surrounding locations. Our goal is to help you retain the newness of our carpet for a long time to come. Call today for more information or fill out the form below.


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