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Tips for Preparing Your Home For A Party

Summer means going to pool parties, picnics, and 4th of July get-togethers. You were at a neighbor’s house the other day and the counters were spotless, bookshelves were dust free, and the carpets looked as good as new. Are you ready to host your summer party? Big or small, work friends or family friends, it’s important to make a good first impression. But with dusty San Antonio weather, busy lives, and dirty pets, where do you start preparing? Steam Master Cleaning would like to help with the kitchen cleaning, but it might be better to lend you a hand with our professional carpet cleaning services. Here’s a checklist of what needs to be done before guests start to arrive and you can start partying!

Do a Clean Sweep

Yes, sweeping is important, but that’s for later. Before you really get your hands dirty cleaning up, begin by doing a quick walk-through of your home and make notes about what needs to be done first. Have you gotten all of the grocery shopping done? Has the fridge been cleaned out of all leftover containers and old milk cartons? Start with the bigger jobs first.

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The Kitchen

People will be coming in and out through the kitchen to the bathroom or just to get away from the San Antonio heat. A space that is clean and tidy will make people feel right at home.

  • Clear away the piles of mail, dirty dishes, and other miscellaneous items from the counters and store them in a place that is hidden away or in a wall mounted mail holder.
  • Sanitize the counters and all appliances that may be used during the party.
  • Empty the dishwasher to make room for cleaning up after the party or to make quick cleaning easy during the party.
  • Now you can sweep the floors. Get all of the dust beneath tables, chairs, and in corners. After sweeping, use a wet mop to really give the floor a shine.
  • For a deeper clean, Steam Master Cleaning can help restore the appearance of your stone and marble floors.


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Nothing is more inviting than a clean, fresh, and organized bathroom.

  • Wipe down countertops and clean out any stray hairs.
  • If guests need to rinse off dirty feet, make sure the shower tub is clean with tile and grout cleaning.
  • Sweet and mop the floors, especially behind the toilet.
  • Place clean towels on the rack.

The Living Room

Summer parties are rarely formal, but tidying up the living room will give guests an opportunity to have a quiet space to sip a glass of wine and talk.

  • Clear away toys and stray shoes so that walkways are clear.
  • Dust any surfaces thoroughly, including the coffee table, side tables, lamps, bookshelves, the TV, and TV stand.
  • If you have hardwood floors in your home, give them a fresh shine with wood floor cleaning.
  • Make the furniture in your home feel like they did when you bought them with upholstery cleaning. Guests may not want to go outside after all.

The Garage

Who knows where people will want to congregate during a fun, low-key summer party. No need to do a huge cleaning job in the garage, but a few small tasks will make this a chill hang out space.

  • Make sure the floor has been swept and anything hazardous has been put away.
  • If there are kids coming, make bikes and helmets available by taking them off hanging hooks.
  • Gather a few kid-friendly games such as sidewalk chalk and bubbles and make a pile.

Back and Front Yard

Carpet Cleaning Services

Guests young and old will surely want to enjoy some fresh air and party games in the back yard.

  • Pick up any branches or sticks that would make it difficult to walk around barefoot and rake up any leaves.
  • Set out several lawn chairs so people can sit and relax as they choose.
  • If there is a firepit, gather some wood and tasty supplies for S’mores so that everything is one place. Chocolate can stay inside so it doesn’t melt. Be sure that there is a safety feature or a designated adult who is in charge of keeping young children away from the fire.
  • Clean out any debris from the pool and set out water toys and games.

The Carpet

For a clean that will make your neighbors jealous, prepare for your party with a steam cleaning.

  • If you’ve had your carpet for a few years and it’s beginning to show its age, give new life to the fibers.
  • By eliminating allergens and mold, a carpet cleaning will keep guests safe and allergy free.
  • Get rid of annoying pet odors and remove those pesky pet stains with steam.
  • Don’t forget about area rugs, either in the entryway or the living room.

With tips from professional carpet cleaners, you can host a summer party that your guests won’t soon forget. A clean home, delicious grilled favorites, outdoor games, and indoor relaxing, everyone will feel at home. Steam Master Cleaning is more than just carpet cleaning, for a whole new kind of clean, contact our floor cleaning services today.


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