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Quick Tips To Keep Your Floors Clean

You walk throughout your home every single day, but how often have you looked down at the floors? The entryway as you walk in, the kitchen, bathroom, dining room, these surfaces put up with a lot of traffic, human and animal alike. Over time, dirt and grime can seep into the cracks and cause some serious damage if the floors are not cleaned regularly and properly. The floor cleaners at Steam Master Cleaning understand that you probably don’t want to bust out the mop or the vacuum every day, so how can you keep your floors cleaner in between mopping and vacuuming?

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Take Off Your Shoes

This is especially important after it’s rained and the bottom of your shoes are caked in mud. If you have to wear a pair of shoes inside the home to keep your toes warm, put a pair of slippers or comfy sneakers by the door so you can put them on right as you take your outdoor shoes off. This will prevent tracking dirt beyond the porch or entryway.

Spot Treat

If there are certain areas around the home that see more traffic than others, spend five minutes every day, or at least every other day, spot cleaning the area. This can be done quickly and easily with certain floor cleaning products that don’t require plugging in a heavy and awkward appliance. A rechargeable, handheld vacuum can be stored in the living room to clean the carpets, and a disposable microfiber mop can be used in the kitchen to help keep sparkling and sanitized floors.

Bathroom Floors

Maybe the ickiest floor in the home, the bathroom is certainly one that many people will want to avoid cleaning. Especially the area around and behind the toilet. This hard to reach space is great at attracting hair and dirt, and with the moisture in the room, it’s messy and just plain gross. The answer: keep disinfectant wipes handy. Keeping your floors cleaner has never been easier than with a quick wipe.

Floor Cleaner San Antonio

Pet Areas

Cats are great at tossing kitty litter and dogs are masters are slobbering and dropping kibble around their food bowls. Wherever you keep your pet’s food bowls and litter boxes in your home, containing these messes and keeping the area clean can be a lesson in patience.

  • One option is to purchase a mat with a raised edge and place the kitty litter box or food bowls on top of the mat. This will keep the mess in that area and all you need to do is toss the mess outside.
  • Another option is to keep a handheld dustpan and a small brush nearby. Each morning or night, brush up the mess and throw it away.

No one wants to spend their precious hours cleaning the floors of their home. But these quick tips may keep them clean enough until you can hire a professional floor cleaner. For all of your floor cleaning needs, Steam Master Cleaning has professionals who will come clean your wood, tile, and carpets. Before your next holiday party, give us a call and we’ll give your floors a spotless shine.


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