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How to Remove Pet Stains

Having pets, whether it’s a dog, cat, or an iguana, there will be days when accidents happen and the messiest of messes will always be right in the middle of your carpet. Accidents are especially common with puppies and baby animals or when anxious animals are left alone for too long. So how do you prevent accidents from happening and how to get the toughest stains out of your carpet? The professionals at Steam Master Cleaning know how hard it can be to stop your pets from leaving surprises for you on your carpet. But we also have the best carpet cleaning service in San Antonio, so you can rely on us to remove even the most stubborn stains. Read on to learn more.

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Start With The Right Training

If you have a puppy, the first couple months is all about training the pooch properly. It will take a lot of patience, remain consistent, and keep things positive. Keep in mind that if your dog is smaller, they may require more frequent visits outside. Here are some puppy tips:

  • Keep a consistent feeding schedule. In the morning, the evening, and even his or her water intake should be regulated and monitored as much as possible. Limit snacks in between meals unless for training purposes.
  • Help your doggy recognize that outside is where business is done. Taking your pup outside frequently will help them understand. Take him or her outside first thing in the morning and then once every hour or so. Take him outside after meals, after a nap, before bedtime, and before being left alone for a significant period of time.
  • When your dog goes outside, give him or her a treat as a reward so they know to do that again in the future. Continue walking the dog around the neighborhood as well to make sure they have done everything they need to.
  • Take your dog to the same spot each time. They will recognize their own scent and this will prompt him to go.

Use a Crate

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A crate is a great method for potty training, but make sure your pup is old enough to have control of his or her bladder, between 12 and 16 weeks old. A crate will also help you keep an eye on the pup, look for signs he needs to go, and teach him to hold it until you take him outside.

  • Be sure the crate is the right size and he has enough room to stand up, turn around, and lie down. However, the crate shouldn’t be so big that he can use the corner as a bathroom.
  • This is great for work hours, but it’s important to give the puppy a break during the day, at least for the first eight months.
  • If your dog is doing his business inside the crate, it could mean he has brought bad habits from the shelter or pet store, or that he’s not being taken outside enough.

Other Training Tips

  • Pets can smell past accidents. This will allow them to feel comfortable enough to keep doing business inside.
  • Older dogs could be dealing with bladders that aren’t functioning as they used to.
  • Never hit or overreact when your dog has an accident.
  • There could be emotional or anxiety issues that cause accidents. Talk with a dog trainer to determine the best course of action.

How To Clean Up The Mess

Carpet cleaning can be a stubborn job, so getting to it quickly is essential.

  • Pick up as much of the mess and remaining debris as possible.
  • Use a couple paper towels, press them onto the wet area and soak up as much liquid as possible.
  • Create your own cleaning product by mixing two cups of distilled vinegar, two cups of warm water, and four tablespoons of baking soda. Another recipe includes a cup of baking soda and half a cup of hydrogen peroxide.
  • Sprinkle the stained area or any spaces that your pooch likes to lay with baking soda. Let it sit overnight while the dog is in their crate and vacuum it up the next morning.

Professional Carpet Cleaning

For stains that have set in, it may take a little more than the average carpet cleaner. Spot removers and sprays can be used to remove the surface stain, but won’t penetrate the carpet to remove odors or residues. Even small accidents here and there can add up to a larger problem, or exacerbate an existing problem, if they aren’t thoroughly taken care of. With a steam cleaning, this method will provide a clean that is unmatched by other methods.

If pet stains in your home are beyond the point of DIY cleaning, contact a professional carpet cleaning service in San Antonio. Steam Master Cleaning will gladly come in and restore your carpet to a fresh, bright, and clean appearance. Eliminate stains, odors, and make your whole household happy with a steam clean. Call us today.


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