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Extending the Life of Your Vacuum

Getting the house ready for holiday parties means cleaning, cleaning, and some more cleaning. For these couple of months, it might feel like there’s no end in sight. Especially when there are kids — and let’s face it, even adults — with messy foods playing or sitting on the couch and walking on the carpets. This time of year, your vacuum will definitely be seeing more use. This handy appliance can be a pretty big investment, so to ensure it will last until next year, and even beyond, here are some tips from your local San Antonio carpet cleaning service on how to extend the life of your vacuum.

Change the Bag and Filters

Carpet Cleaning Services San Antonio

A simple step to a long-lasting vacuum is to switch out the bag or filters regularly. With upright vacuums especially, not emptying the contents can mean that you’re simply pushing the dust around and even deeper into the carpet fibers. If you use your vacuum at least once a week, empty the bag after each use. Not emptying the bag can also cause damage to the motor of the vacuum. The accumulated dust can prevent airflow, which works to cool down the motor.

The same thing goes for motors. To extend the life and to improve the vacuum’s efficiency, replace or wash the filters every other time it’s used. This may take a few minutes of your time, but you will see a vast improvement of the appearance of your carpet and you won’t have to shell out another $300 to $600 dollars for a new vacuum. For a deep clean that your vacuum can’t achieve, contact a carpet cleaning service at least once a year.


The bag and filters aren’t the only things that can wear down or cause damage to the vacuum. Other parts, including brushes, plugs, cords, and if there’s a magnetic strip that picks up paper clips or other objects should be checked.

  • When the brushes reach about half of their original length, it’s time to get them replaced. They should also be cleaned and disinfected periodically. This will ensure that germs aren’t being spread around your home.
  • Keep an eye on the condition of the plug and cord as well. Over time they can wear down and the last thing you want is exposed wires when you’re vacuuming.
  • If there is a magnetic strip on your vacuum, wipe it clean once a month to ensure it’s still able to pick up items you don’t want to be sucked up into the vacuum.
Carpet Cleaning Services San Antonio


Water is possibly the biggest culprit of the health of your vacuum. As much as possible, keep the surfaces dry. Water that is sucked up can moisten the dust and cause it to cling inside of the tubes and body of the vacuum. This can eventually lead to mold and mildew growth, which is definitely something you want to avoid in your home. For steam cleaning, contact a professional carpet cleaning service who has trained professionals who will do the job correctly.

At Steam Master Cleaning in San Antonio, we want you to have the cleanest home possible. That means having a clean and healthy vacuum that will last for years to come. For a professional cleaning, contact our carpet cleaning service today.


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